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Imagine That Welcomes Alexandria Benes to our Team!


We are excited to have Alexandria Benes join our team as an intern to support our digital marketing activities.

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Increase Revenue By Driving Your Lead Conversion Rate

Increase Lead Conversion Rate

Increasing your lead conversion rate doesn't have to be a headache. Here's a handy guide on how to successfully convert your leads and drive revenue.

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​Help us Welcome Emily Burchell to Imagine That!


Imagine That hires Emily Burchell for website and graphic design.

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Imagine That Welcomes Chris Morris to the Digital Marketing Team!


​Imagine That is proud to announce the addition of Chris Morris to our Digital Marketing Team in the role of Digital Marketing Coordinator.

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Summit County Colorado Resorts: Digital Marketing and Branding Scorecard

Sheri Paul coo.jpg

Back in October, the Summit Chamber hosted their ever-popular annual sell-out event to kick off the ski and snowboard season – the COO Breakfast.

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Imagine That Talks About Marketing in Mountain Resort Communities

Jeff McElhattan tv8-blog-banner.jpg

Imagine That team members Sheri Paul and Jeff McElhattan talked about the importance of responsive web design on TV8's Good Morning Vail.

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Introducing Our New Website Project Coordinator, Sofia Figueira!

Sheri Paul sofia-banner.jpg

Joining us from her home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the site of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Sofia Figueira moved to Dillon, Colorado via in New York, NY. The team at Imagine That couldn’t be more excited to welcome her to the team as our new Web Project Coordinator.

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Introducing Our New Digital Marketing Director, Sheri Paul!

Rachel Follender sheri3.jpg

We are happy to announce the newest addition to our team this month! Sheri Paul recently joined Imagine That as our new Digital Marketing Director, and we couldn’t be more excited for what her role will bring to our team.

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Imagine That in Guatemala

Jeff McElhattan IT-GLPBlog.jpg

Breaking the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education. See how Imagine That is helping rural Guatemalan students rise above poverty.

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10 Awesome Things You Can do with Google Search

Rachel Follender blog-graphic-template.png

You probably use Google every day and don't think twice about it. When you need information, Google is there to help you find the answer. But Google has a few nifty tricks up its sleeve that you probably have never even heard of. While the list is quite long, we've compiled 10 of our favorite Google search tricks. Get more out of your searching!

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Summit County Startup Weekend: A Review

Rachel Follender startup-weekend-2015.jpg

Imagine That has been a strong supporter of Summit County Startup Weekends for the last two years. We are committed to fostering a local atmosphere where creators and developers can come together and bring new ideas to life.

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The Future Begins at Summit County Startup Weekend

Rachel Follender startup-weekend-blog-banner.jpg

The purpose of Summit County Startup Weekend is to foster a community of entrepreneurial spirit and startups in a place that is saturated with tourism, real estate and ski industries.

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Welcome Shamus to the Team!

Tom Fellner Shamuslahman.png

Introducing Shamus Lahman, our newest addition to the Imagine That team.

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A Healthcare Revolution in Summit County

Rachel Follender blog-banner.jpg

Our Town Medical’s overall mission is to eliminate the hurried, impersonal medical setting that comes with crowded hospital waiting rooms, short doctor visits and overpriced healthcare plans. Dr. Gibb and the founders of Our Town Medical believe in putting the care back in healthcare, by focusing on preventative care and ongoing wellness.

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USA Pro Challenge Cycling


The USA Pro Challenge, one of America’s most coveted cycling events come’s to Summit County, Colorado. The Imagine That team went and checked out stage 4 and 5 of the USA Pro Challenge.

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Designing High Performance Websites | Digital Marketing Learning Series

Rachel Follender blog-banner-copy.jpg

When it comes to designing and developing high performance websites, the devil is in the details. There are, however, certain fundamental practices that are essential in fleshing out the little details to create a high performing, stellar website that generates leads and gets your business out there. Our review on what we covered in Wednesday's Colorado web design seminar.

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Frisco BBQ Challenge... Misc Ramblings


Every region in the world has its unique sights, sounds and activities, each as cool as the last in it’s own way. Summit County, Colorado is no different. Personally I’ve lived here for just about four years, but I can say that I can’t picture living elsewhere. Up here we like to celebrate summer with tasty food, live local music and a cold beer or two, like anywhere else I suppose.

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Imagine That Kicks Off June Digital Marketing Seminars

Rachel Follender dm-seminars.jpg

Imagine That’s digital marketing learning series continued into June last week, kicking off with two seminars held in Grand Lake and Granby, Colorado on Wednesday and Thursday. The courses “Digital Marketing: Not Your Grandma’s SEO” and “Building a Solid Brand Srategy” honed in on the importance of digital marketing and brand strategy and development for businesses.

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New Digital Marketing and Branding Strategy Seminars

Rachel Follender Digital marketing and branding seminars in colorado.

As part of our ongoing learning series, Imagine That will be presenting two seminars during the first weeks of June. While last month’s series honed in on social media marketing, the courses in June will focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and brand strategy for businesses.

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Kicking Off Our Internship Program by Welcoming Meckenzie Donnell

Rachel Follender Meckenzie2.jpg

This week marks the beginning of Imagine That’s college internship program – a component to our learning series and emphasis on education. We are happy to welcome Meckenzie Donnell to our team as our very first intern!

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Welcome Rachel To Our Digital Marketing Team!

Tom Fellner ITC-blog-may.jpg

Rachel brings her strong writing and editing skills to Imagine That – a must have for the production of high-quality content we guarantee our clients. As our Digital Marketing Coordinator, she works with clients to implement marketing and branding strategies across all platforms.

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Summit County Startup Weekend Review

Rachel Follender startupweekend.jpg

The international phenomenon known as Startup Weekend made it’s way to Summit County this past weekend from April 10 – 12 in the ELEVATE coSPACE and Evo 3 Workspace in downtown Frisco.

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Imagine That and Summit County Startup Weekend

Rachel Follender startupweekend.jpg

Startup Weekend is a global initiative to bring together creative thinkers in local areas who are passionate about bringing to life a new idea.

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Top 8 Productivity Tools

​Lets face it we are all busy. Yes, we are all busy with work, but we are all also busy trying to achieve that pivotal work/life balance. If you are running a small business, you might even feel overwhelmed at times with all of the day-to-day tasks that are involved. So what is one to do?

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