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What's Hot in Snowboarding Gear for 2018

Are you planning a mid-summer escape to colder temps, or are you already scheming your next winter getaway? Either way, snowboarding provides the opportunity for seasonal adventure.

Over time, however, your snowboarding gear can wear down, and no one wants to shred with a beat-up board or outdated, faded jacket. You also don't want to hit the slopes with equipment that fails to meet today's safety standards or isn't designed to hold up under certain conditions.

Luckily, many ski and snowboard rental companies allow you to rent all the equipment you need for a fun day on the slopes. In fact, 2018 is looking like a prime time to try out some new options when you rent your next board.

Today, we're taking a look at a few key pieces leading the pack, taking the guesswork out of your next rental experience.

Ready to learn more? Let's go!



Strategic Updates to Designer Boards

When it comes to boards, next year's models are all about marrying function with flare. Not only are they more visually stunning thanks to incredible artist collaborations, they're also agile, designed to grip and glide better than ever before.

Be on the lookout for these newcomers when you to go rent your snowboarding gear in the near future:


Head: New Geometric Designs, Same Great Quality

By now, you've come to expect only the best from Head -- and for good reason.

The sports industry giant consistently delivers top-of-the-line quality year after year, without upping their customer-friendly price point.

Some of their newest snowboards feature colorful geometric designs. The boards are also as hard-working as they are unique.

Take the new "Architect" design, for instance.

Featuring a directional twin shape and hybrid camber pop, it's designed for flexibility and control.

It also comes equipped with Head's "Hybrid Camba POP" technology. This design is distinguishable by an abbreviated pintail, longer and wider nose, and a volume boost that gives it even more float.

Another new directional twin featured by Head is the "Daymaker." With a tighter waist and combination of regular and flat camber (a technology known as "Hybrid Camba DCT"), it's the perfect board for tackling any part of the mountain.


K2: Building and Improving on Award-Winning Lines

K2's "Joy Driver" snowboard was recognized as a 2018 TransWorld Snowboarding All-Mountain Good Wood Award winner. It's no wonder, then, that the company is synonymous with high-performing snowboards.

The brand often beautifully bucks the common notion that snowboarding gear consists mainly of the all-mountain twin design. Rather, it's known for delivering shorter, wider boards that pack a powerful punch.

For the 2018 season, the anticipated "Simple Pleasures" line is sure to deliver.

These boards feature the brand's trademark "Directional Camber Baseline™." This offers a between-the-feet camber and with a rocker in the tip and on the tail.

It then takes that camber and rocker profile and extends it through to the tip and tail through a process known as "Tweekend™." The result? An extra-smooth, sturdy ride that lets you glide, press, float, and land with ease.


Rossignol: Splitboards Changing the Game

Moving into 2018, Rossignol continues to create snowboards that are as strong and agile as they are visually stunning.

The brand's new "XV Sushi" snowboard is a 145-centimeter wonder. Xavier De Le Rue's second pro model with the brand, it offers a totally new shape and design by the French manufacturer.

The Sushi features a 60% camber zone, starting at the binding inserts. The directional powder snowboard also includes an extra-wide rockered nose and slender tail. This ups its floating potential on loose snow.

It also rips incredibly well on groomers while also serving as a solid platform for buttering in more packed conditions.


Salomon: Offering More Designs for Different Terrains

Celebrating the decade-long anniversary of its uber-popular "Sickstick," Salomon is ready for 2018. Now, it's adapting the classic shape of the Sickstick in three new and exciting ways.

Designed in partnership with European snowboarder Wolle Nyvelt, the new boards are part of the brand's "Hillside Project."

Ten years later, the updated Sickstick has a more extended camber that reaches into the nose. The new design also offers less taper. Users can pick from three differently sized boards -- 151, 157, and 163 -- with each offering a uniquely designed tail.

One feature that isn't changing? The Sickstick's signature tapered twin shape, which makes it ideal for both powder and hardpack conditions.

So pick the size that's best suited for you, and prepare for an all-new boarding experience that still feels comfortably familiar.


A Bindings Breakthrough: Burton's New Step-In System

A recap of what's new and improved for snowboarding gear wouldn't be complete without mention of Burton's new "Step On" binding system.

These are the industry's first real and major attempt at bringing back the once-popular step-in binding systems that have since been replaced by strap-on models.

Compared to the systems of yesteryear, the Burton Step On system features just three connection points. Your sole fits comfortably in the footbed without the addition of metal plates, enhancing your feel of the board.


Wrapping it Up: The Year in Review

As the year progresses, stay tuned for more exciting updates on your favorite snowboarding gear.

As technology continues to change the way our favorite brands create and deliver boards, bindings, and more, we're in for quite the ride. Today's boards are smarter, sleeker, and more agile than ever before -- giving you yet another reason to rent one today!


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