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Choosing the Right Rental Ski for Your Best Day on Vail Mountain

Whether you are a novice snow bunny or an expert black diamond skier, choosing the right rental ski is essential for a great ski day. It’s a good idea to understand the general ski categories before choosing skis to assure a great day on the mountain.

Even veteran skiers may not be familiar with modern choices that go into picking the right ski for the right snow. And finding yourself on the top of a mountain with the wrong skis can definitely put a damper on an otherwise great day. Here are three resort-ready ski styles from which to choose so you can familiarize yourself before heading to the ski counter and getting your boots fitting to the bindings.


All-Mountain Skis

As the name indicates, this is the most versatile and general style ski you will ski on all terrain and in all snow conditions. However, this category has more of a custom fit aspect than you may know. The idea is to talk to your fitting specialist, relating what type of slopes you plan to ski (green, blue, black, double-black, moguls, groomed, trees, etc.); your strength, fitness and how experienced you are; while layering in current local snow conditions.

The great thing about this option is that once you find the right ski, it can perform on a wide variety of trails in various snow conditions. Look for a medium waist width ranging from 85-105mm under foot, depending on snow conditions (wider is better with more fresh powder, narrower likes groomed trails). These skis usually have a multi-radius side cut, and sport a camber with tip and tail rockers. With the right ski shape, you’ll easily carve your way down the mountain with smooth handling, easy flex, and tight turn control.


Powder Skis

These skis are more specialized and are like the ski equivalent to snowshoes. When you are blessed with soft, deep, fresh powder, you need a ski that can float through the terrain without getting bogged down. Powder skis are wider, effortlessly floating you on top of the deeper snow and crud.

This does not mean you have to sacrifice performance. Your rental rep can make sure you are fitted with a powder ski that will help you maintain some speed on straight stretches, while maintaining great maneuverability. These are the skis you want when you wake up to that fresh 6͟+ day (and a good day that is!). The changing depths a storm can cause are not an issue with a great powder ski. Powder skis are usually a 98-125mm waist width underfoot, with a reverse sidecut turning option, and rocker profile.


Carving Skis

It’s all about strutting your skill on the groomed slopes with this ski option. When you are skiing the hardpack of well-established runs, carving skis can do amazing things for your ski confidence. They are like the performance ski of snow recreation. Just one step away from a racing ski, they have an unprecedented turning capacity with a far-superior edge and grip.

Showing the other skiers what you can do, and how fast you can do it, is what this ski is all about. However, as your fitting professional will tell you when your outfitted in your rental, don’t plan to take them too far off the groomed snow. If you venture onto the less traveled trails like bowls, trees, or choppy snow, you may struggle with this ski.

With a much narrower waist width of 85mm or less underfoot and shorter-than-standard turn radius, these skis require a full camber profile to keep them balanced and maneuverable. These babies may be one dimensional, but they dominate that dimension! Ski choice expertise is where we come in.


Bridgestreet Concierge Service

At Bridge Street Ski Haus we offer one-of-a-kind service that distinguishes us from other Vail Village ski shops and there are many reasons to rent rather than dragging old equipment through the airport. Come by and have our expert fitting professionals set you up for a great day on the mountain, and enjoy complimentary hot chocolate and fresh cookies while you gear up. Getting to the slope after renting your equipment from us is never an issue as we are literally 50 feet from Gondola 1. 

And after an adventurous day of skiing, who wants to haul equipment back to the lodge? Our rentals include storage for your walking boots, and when your ski companions bring their own equipment, we have storage choices available so your gear will be warm, dry and where you need it, when you need it. Book now to get 20% off for booking online, and save you time when you arrive since we’ll be ready for you. We will not only rent you the best equipment, we will give you the signature VIP treatment you deserve!

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